The Hackathon

Can you create a game? You can make the online world a kinder place. This hackathon is the occasion for game designers to use their skills to contrast online hate speech.

Yes, games can be powerful educative tools. Indeed, we believe they can raise awareness, foster positive behaviours and develop the counter-narratives we need to modify negative stereotypes which nourish hate speech online.  

Join in, innovate, create and be part of this gaming adventure for the best only.

The Hackathon of Play Your Role is a 4 days event (nights off☺) that will take place in beautiful Rimini (Italy) from March 31st to April 3rd, 2020. It is organised within the framework of the Play Your Role European project.

Transportation, food and accommodation will be paid by the organisers of the hackathon.


Any team able to produce a game can participate. Members should only be above 18.   

It will gather 4 teams from France, Germany, Italy and Poland, which will be coached by professional game designers and experts in Media Education.


The aim of the Hackathon is, for each team, to produce a short educational game targeted at young people from 11 years old on.

These games will aim at contrasting hate speech online by

  • Raising awareness on hate speech (trolling, cyberbullying…) and reinforce positive behaviours 
  • Creating counter-narratives on topics associated with hate speech online (Sexism, racism, ageism…)

After 4 days of intensive work, each team will have a prototype.


Each team will receive 4.500€ (gross) to develop a functional, ready-to-play mini game out of the prototype within the next 2 months

This game will be available on the Play Your Role platform to kids, teachers, parents all over Europe. It will also be presented in conferences, school events, urban games and partners websites in 5 languages. 


Submission requirements 

What should be sent to us? 

  1. Motivation to participate to the event
  2. A description of your dream team (up to 3 members)
  3. A link to you portfolio / past projects
  4. Creative intentions (a short description of your game idea)
  5. Your contact details

Submit your application in the form below!

Selection criteria

Applications will be examined by your national Play Your Role jury gathering experts in Game design and Media Education according to the following criteria:

  • Motivation
  • The team must gather all necessary competencies to create a high quality educative mini-games: game design, development, graphics, sound design…
  • Ability to use at best the 4500€ funding to deliver a quality product on time
  • Diversity. Women and multicultural teams are highly encouraged to participate
  • Previous experiences in serious games  


  • Submission: Jan 30th
  • Notification: Feb 25th

Application form