Conference and workshops Games against hate speech

on Saturday the 18th of September 2021

What can be done to prevent our young people from being regularly exposed to online hate speech? While many initiatives have taken up the issue on social media, little has been done in the context of video games, though they are one of the favorite hobbies of young people. And yet it is urgent to act and to create counter- narratives as well as, to encourage game creators to imagine mechanisms that stimulate the knowledge of how to live online together. The Play Your Role project has focused for two years on the of use video games to develop young people’s critical thinking and to help them fight against online hate speech. How does it work? The originality of the project is to use video games as an educational tool to carry out its actions.

A project that provides answers and tools

This event will present the results of the work conducted by German, French, Italian, Lithuanian and Polish partners: a research, a pedagogical toolkit with 15 educational courses based on existing games, games developed within the project…

Who for?

For all the people involved in the fight against online hate speech. Experts in Media Education, institutions, elected officials, video game creators, educational mediators.

Provisional Programme

An outline of what we plan to present to the participants: 

Plenary Conference 
Hate speech and Media and Information Literacy, regulation, educational contributions of serious games, achievements of the Play Your Role project to counter hate speech.

11:15 am – 12:30 am
The plenary conference will be held online (in English), with exchanges with participants. And maybe possibly in presence in Toulouse, if the health situation allows it. We will keep you informed.

International workshops
Let kids fight against hate speech!
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
5 workshops respectively conducted in French, German, Italian, Lithuanian and Polish dedicated to educational mediators.
These workshops will allow participants to appropriate some of the project’s resources to carry out their own actions with the young people they supervise.

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