YouTuber Simulator

In the game, you assume a role of a YouTube streamer. Your goal is to keep a balance in your life, between building your subscriber base and keeping the discussion in the comments civil, all while maintaing your own mental health. Make smart choices about your content, remember to go outside and talk to your friends to keep you sane, and don’t let hate speech destroy your passion.

Introduction to the game

You: An aspiring YouTuber, keen on turning your passion, whatever it might be, into a popular streaming channel. 

Your Goal: Building a community of subscribers, without losing your passion in the process, or burning out because of unbearable stress of a toxic environment.

Your Weapon: You can spend your time steaming, moderating the stream of comments under your videos, chilling out watching other people’s content or going out to see your real-life friends. 

Your Allies: Reading hateful comments under your videos will affect your state, as well as making unwise decisions to boost your channel’s viewership by engaging in toxic or hateful interactions.

Your Results: You will see the number of subscribers of your channel at all times, as well as the changing levels of your passion and stress
The current prevalence of hateful comments in your little community will also be shown. Be sure to find a healthy balance for your online life.

Or download the App on your mobile device (available both for Android and iOS systems).

The Team

The game has been designed and developed by Mateusz Seredyński (founder of the Yocat Games studio, programmer and producer of games with five years of experience in the industry), Katarzyna Jaszewska (responsible for concept art, characters and dialogues) and Jakub Sampławski (responsible for UX, interfaces, creating game scenes and music).