deplatforming lets you slip into the role of an activist group taking on a hate campaign spreading quickly through the net. Try the activist tool kit to stop the campaign and deplatform its actors from major networks. Can you put an end to this campaign?

Introduction to the game

You: In deplaforming you play an activist group, trying to stop a digital hate campaign from the depth of “PatriotChan”, a loosely organised racist imageboard community.

Your Goal: Your aim is to keep the hate campaign at bay while managing to convince major platforms to ban that hate speech from their platform. To do so you have access to the activist’s toolkit: counter speech, reporting, networking, monitoring and deplatforming.

Your Weapon: Counter speech, reporting and demonetisation are activated by tapping infected networks on the left side of the screen.
1 tap starts counter speech and reduces the hate on the nework;
2 taps cause a ban, additionally stopping outgoing hate;
3 taps demonitise the channel and reset the hate on that network.

To get started you should network to get more activists, granting you more actions in the game. You do that by tapping the button on the left side of the screen. Over time more abilities are unlocked. Monitoring will make your counter speech and reporting more efficient. Deplatforming will permanently protect the network from obtaining hate on it.

Your results: To win you need to make sure the internet is not flooded by hate. A counter shows you how many percent of the web are already radicalised. If it reaches 100% it is game over for your activism. You win by deplatforming the hate campaign from the 5 biggest platforms in the game: MehTube, Instagroom, Robbot, Chitter, Miscord. Each network acts differently. Some spread hate as soon as a channel is established, same take longer to radicalise. You cannot report or demonetisate on all of them. To deplatfom you need to establish monitoring and have successfully reported or demonetised channel on the platforms.

Hint: The hate campaign is very active and will move alongside your clicks. So keep calm and consider your next move wisely.

Or download the App on your mobile device (available both for Android and iOS systems).

Video tutorial

The Team

The game has been designed and developed by, an initiative for more inclusive gaming communities.

Hackathon Games Booklet

A guide in form of a booklet has also been developed. It contains 4 didactic proposals on the 4 Hackathon Video Games, that constitute an educational path for secondary schools, youth centers and associations. 

The Hackathon Games Booklet is available in all languages of the project here in this page.