Social Threads

Social Threads simulate social interactions online, the player must react with the good actions to harassing opponents. The game gives examples of how to act against those behaviours and how to protect oneself in real life.

Introduction to the game

You: An internet user who must choose the right actions to respond to the opponent’s toxic behaviours.

Your Goal: Keeping your mind stamina above 0 in order to expand your network of safe places, by avoiding the network to be contaminated by violence, handling at best tense interactions between members, based on the most common cognitive biases.

Your Weapon: 3 argumentative cards to choose among 4 to play strategically.

Your Allies: To boost the mind stamina, the player must favor the green cards and avoid using the insult card in order to be less affected by the opponent’s behavior. The interactions must be as constructive as possible in order to tackle toxicity and progress through the game.

Your Results: When your opponent’s mind stamina is at 0, you win the territory and expand your universe. You will have to choose between red cards, to lower your opponent’s mind stamina, and green cards to raise your own stamina. Your reaction to your opponent can be anticipated as the next action is displayed when you make your choice. Be sure to use the most adapted cards to respond to the toxic actions.

Or download the App on your mobile device (available both for Android and iOS systems).

The Team

We are three young freelance game designers, it was our first professional experience working as a full “junior-made” team. We are passionate about serious game and gamification, and we believe it is a great way to teach, to educate, or address complex topics. Damien Kermel developed the system, Fabien Salvalaggio made the whole graphism of the game, and Loïk Puyo was in charge of general design of the game and UX.

Hackathon Games Booklet

A guide in form of a booklet has also been developed. It contains 4 didactic proposals on the 4 Hackathon Video Games, that constitute an educational path for secondary schools, youth centers and associations. 

The Hackathon Games Booklet is available in all languages of the project here in this page.