Play your Role in Gulbenkian Academies for Knowledge

The Portuguese team of the project Play your Role participated in a session of the initiative “World Reading Academy: Journalism, Communication and Me” (Media, Culture and Technology).

The motto of the session was the presentation of the European project Play your Role – Gamification Against Hate Speech to a group of students from the middle School João de Deus, in Faro, Portugal. The presentation was followed by a conversation, where the students shared some of their experiences with online hate speech in video games and digital communities.

“World Reading Academy” is part of a national network of Gulbenkian Academies for knowledge, whose main aim is to create a space for the promotion of competencies to understand the world and be aware and active in the society. Through an immersive experience in the media’s world, this Academy aims to provide to young people with ages between 14 and 25 years, tools to decode news, question the passive consumption of information and stimulate a critical and constructive attitude, appropriated to the challenges of the contemporary news media culture.